dmh Roe Meyer, S.C.
Certified Public Accountants

We are an independent auditing firm located in Brule, Wisconsin. Roe and Meyer was founded by D. Ray Roe and his son-in-law Jeffery T. Meyer in 1989. In 1991 Darryl M. Helenius started with the company. In 2003 Darryl bought the company with Ray staying as a partner. In 2010 the company's name was changed to dmh Roe Meyer, S.C. to reflect the initials of Darryl.

Mission Statement:

The primary purpose of dmh Roe Meyer, S.C. is to glorify God and to provide opportunities for sharing Jesus Christ where individuals within and without the firm would otherwise not be able to be reached with the Gospel of Christ. dmh Roe Meyer, S.C. is endeavoring to maintain God's principles in its type of work. Also dmh Roe Meyer, S.C. will strive to have honest business dealings with clients and employees and to provide fair remuneration and benefits for its employees.

The secondary purpose of dmh Roe Meyer, S.C. is to establish a system of personnel administration that meets the operating needs of dmh Roe Meyer, S.C. This system shall provide a means to recruit, select, develop, and maintain an effective and responsible work force, and shall include policies and procedures for employee hiring and advancement, career development and fringe benefits.